Art By: Thomas Bak

Alice stands twelve feet tall in a village

Colonized by fetishes and paper flowers

Her powder blue dress is an emancipated sky

That mitigates disbelief by secularizing fear

Stones dance impishly around her chaste knees

Unwelcome and altogether too uncommon

She folds her limbs around a nomadic tree

Betwixt her ribs, a blood-fueled lantern

Instigates the most curious appetites

“Where” she wonders “Shall I venture next?”


Where this came from I’ve no idea perhaps I’ve gone a bit daft.  I have been trying desperately to rid my computer of viruses. I’ve had some major performance issues and I think I may have done something positive and productive now fingers-crossed lol


22 thoughts on “Alice

    1. It is looking much better I had a hard time even using WordPress to tell you the truth it was taking me significantly longer to do what I usually do because of the crashing, lagging

  1. I’m afraid that marvelous photo of a thistle made me think I was reading about her all along, one in bright blue dress invading a town. I am writing a book called Alice in Wonder, bout a 75 year old storyteller, and you have given me a new perspective on th character: whether she enters through a rabbit hole or through the lookimg glass. someone is going to see her as an invader, and the longer she stays, an occupier, at least a foreign presence like a disease … a virus. SO I cannot be objective about your poem. I can just love it.

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