Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust

tumblr_m73yd3ordz1rxekheo1_1280Today’s prompt is supernatural lust. There are no rating restrictions but please make a note if your entry is graphic. This is #7 of 20 the first in the series was Unavoidable Pain. Only one participant seems to be using the prompts to create a story but I thought I’d still give a reminder. I can extend the number if needed so let me know if 20 is insufficient. When this series is completed I will of course continue with the prompts so no worries but I wanted to offer a series for people interested in creating stories.

The most obvious example is the incubus/succubus dynamic

Some people become romantically obsessed with works of art (either the creation and/or the product remember how Pygmalion fell in love with Galatea?)

In some cases the chemistry b/w two people is completely overpowering as to cause madness and obsession

Some people experience an amplified lust for life (some times it’s drug or mania-induced sometimes it comes from a more internal/innocuous source)


Zeus and his sexual conquests


Vampires and blood lust

The sick twisted lust of serial killers

24 thoughts on “Prompt 43 Supernatural Lust

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  5. Your suggestions on how one might interrupt the prompt were fantastic, but, as you will see, I kinda played around with the whole idea — not meaning disrespect or dissatisfaction with the prompt — just the kinda silly/weird/wacked-out kinda mood I’m in.

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