1378046844_other_side_of_the_mirror_by_iskander1989-d5sh9o9Art By: Tullius Heuer

There exists no quantifiable measure of attention

But had I yours I would store it in my marrow

That the essence of you would embellish

The essence of me, two held without division


I watch your eyes enter trackless schools

Swimming between edifice and eventuality

Never do they stir the fathoms of my reflection


I am not the one absent, the vampiric stowaway

Whose only inclination is scarlet

You are the sand without a requisite polish

The heat of passage and compression


I have been cleaning and once I get obsessed I find it hard to shift gears


20 thoughts on “I’m Still Here

  1. Ha! Cleaning house, noting the disconnect in witty ways. This is a new favorite, listing the woulds and noting the absent. Yet it’s also very very sad.

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