Surreal-Photography-by-Cristina-Venedict-02Cristina Venedict

If I were a Goddess

I wouldn’t have the heart

To unmake you

I’ve used too much stardust

In the construction of our lives

To concede mortality


I watch you paddle out to sea

A one man boat scavenging

That which is now foreign


If only loneliness were

Synonymous with freedom

Then we’d pass effervescently

From one life into the next

A self-perpetuating orgasm


I have never wanted for anything

As I have wanted for your presence

That we should exist intentionally

But you wish only to grace me

In the conditionals of happiness


The misanthropic flames

Of your cauterized heart

Resonant within my haunted attire

If I were real and you plausible

Perhaps we would indulge

A sycophantic majority

But we are too wild

For equestrian brutality

Too intrinsically motivated

To take what has not been

Sincerely given


Again the pain made it difficult to pin down my thoughts so sorry if this is lacking or incoherent. At Curious Flowers I posted a tutorial on how I find the photos for my blog I get asked a lot and I finally sat down and analyzed myself haha


24 thoughts on “Hinterland

  1. This is complete in its beauty my friend. “Too intrinsically motivated

    To take what has not been

    Sincerely given”. What a genuine thought, just love these lines. Thanks for sharing.

  2. it def has a surreality to it….the opening of being divinity and being unwilling to unmake them…the last stanza carries a lot of feeling in it…and truthes about them/their relationship

  3. I feel this. I once had this kind of loneliness and found a kindred spirit in a song that has disappeared. It was called “Get your silence out of my Life.” Since then I realized our cultural values had never merged, so it may have felt silent both ways. But we left each other. Not having said vows made that the “obvious” choice. But nothing is obvious and I have come to hate the word. I would not like to be a god.

  4. I love this Yves! I have not read too much of late and perhaps I should have sauntered on here Friday…I seemed to be in much turmoil then. The 3rd stanza resonates profoundly. I love your use of words so much. Thank you for sharing how you choose your photos which always draw me in. Namaste, Oliana xx

      1. Much…thank you…it was a dark space that has more to do with fatigue…but depression looms subtly and ironically ignites the flame in my muse…she is a sadist, I have come to realize. Blessings, Yves, xx

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