4291869372_0fe05617e1_o1Art By: Patrick Tang

I lick the underside of your rage

Those wounds which are still

Soluble in saliva, those wounds

Which still scar the breath

If only I could circumvent

All retaliatory pain

But your circumcised nerves

Provide no protection


We are always ready to resume

The ecstasy of war, it is our intent

To coexist despite exposure

Generosity is a consequence of love

And I am willing despite hunger


Maybe it’s just my imagination about this poem. Anyhow I really struggled with writing today lots of distracting pain


26 thoughts on “Coexist

  1. Whew! We become our animal selves in wounding and then healing scars with attention. “the ecstasy of war” is not for less committed lovers, nor less generous noror less hungry. To pursue survival of the fittest would create such loneliness that it would swallow us.

    1. Thanks Anja =) I actually had a night terror last night haven’t had one of those since I can’t remember when several years at least. I had Sam adjust my back yesterday and I did feel better but I guess all the thrashing and seizing knocked it right back out. Not yesterday but the day before I had a really great day though productive less seizures no headache woot! I love those days and that usually lifts my mood for some time

      1. *hugs* My son use to have night terrors, they do seem horrific. I am wishing you to have more good days!

      2. I can count on one hand how many I’ve had so they are rare and I’d say nightmare wise I am pretty average. So it was very strange. Obviously I can’t remember what it was about specifically (I just have one clue) but I scared Sam screaming and seizing all night geez I wouldn’t have wanted to sleep next to me last night! I am glad I didn’t wake Isadora.

  2. My like up there is for the poem, because I loved it and the words as usual did not fail to engrave themselves upon me.
    I do hope you feel better soon and fast!

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