1.-A-fishermans-dream-Surreal-artArtist: Hokusai

Crouching behind

A ferrous moon

I curse the Tao for

Its continual breach

Of chrysalis.

Will I ever summon

From contract or must

I forever embellish?


I stand between dimensions

Ship-wrecked and plaintive.

My burdens are few and many

Hands knotted as a fisherman’s ropes

I extract and lengthen but the lines

Remain irreparably crooked.


Life is hell if that’s the aspect taken

I’ve seen heaven too but only as I’ve

Imagined it, look to the left

And you too will find it beating

Like the recoil of a curious thunder


I also wrote a poem at Curious Flowers for today’s entry it’s called Real


20 thoughts on “Curious Thunder

  1. Fantastic word picture you’ve drawn here and the accompaning painting in breath taking!
    I stand between dimensions
    Ship-wrecked and plaintive.
    My burdens are few and many

      1. This piece wasn’t for a prompt. I don’t host an official prompt at Curious Flowers though I do sometimes ask questions, have quizzes, and take suggestions if people want that I should write about something particular. Of course if anything I write inspires please feel free to write and share links. You can post links to my most recent Prompt (more people will read it there) that aren’t for that prompt just specify which prompt (if you are doing an older challenge) or post (if you felt inspired by something else like the art work or a poem) you are responding too. Does that even make sense lol

  2. really some marvelous internal rhyme in this one…love the image of the hand as knotted ropes and how you play out that metaphor in the line….really a lot to like about this one….and last stanza is a zinger as well…

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