33Anton Semenov

There is shape in disbelief

In the premeditation of

A prehensile tongue

Relinquishing dissent

Without motivation

The future is lost


I have come to stand in

Opposition to every sage

Who dare illumine my path

Don’t let me find inside

The same infirmity

Don’t my heart sustain war

Lest I find within

A human greed


In the company of others

I find myself unforgivable

Let each man be a mirror

That no man should live

In dissimulation


24 thoughts on “Mirror

  1. Transparency….it is what saved my life. When I allowed others to see the real me, I began to live. I am not sure if that is where you were going with this, but it is what it meant to me. Dissimulation…..never again. As always, well done!!.

    1. I am so glad you did Skye because you are beautiful =) There is a belief that when we dislike someone else it is because they reflect a truth about ourselves that we do not wish to see

      1. That is so true. I always try and ask God what it is about me that is wrong in my spirit when I dislike an attitude about someone else. I can usually find something. Once I pray about that, I usually find I am not as bothered. You are beautiful, as well, dear friend. Inside and out!! Thank you for your sweet words.

      2. Thanks so much Skye I find I feel better once I have meditated on it, my negative feelings for the other person diminish and sometimes I even grow fond of the person

  2. those last couple lines…last stanza so strong…love standing in opposition to t sages…ha….finding yourself unforgiveable is a bit sad…but the mirror line is awesome….

  3. I have come to stand in
    Opposition to every sage
    Who dare illumine my path

    i share the same skepticism Yves,
    i turn a deaf ear to those who ‘know’.
    your poetry never ceases to amaze. ty for that!

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