cliff-fog-landscapes-mountains-nature-2855502-1920x1080What is a man if no dream exists worthy enough to define him?

If he is soundless in trespass and of negligible intent

Fear having rendered him woefully prosaic

What if he has not loved deeply or embraced wholly the moment

But stood always at the precipice, a hairs breadth from extinction

Pontificating the immorality of risk when the outcome is unknown

In his final moments what if he lie ribcage barren before the gravekeeper

With none to mourn his passing. Could such a man claim to have lived at all?


Some days I too am a man without presence, surviving, approximating

Unaccountable in the passage of time, some days I am merely the sum

Of my diversions, some days I stand ungraciously by an open window

Waiting for the contents to spill through of their own accord


The universe is imagination manifest, possibility exists even in calamity

We choose to wait rather than to act independently, we choose to beg

Rather then to extend our hearts, lest those hearts end up broken

Better to be in pieces than to expire untouched


I wrote an accompanying discussion on Curious Flowers called Dance like no one is watching

Here is a summary if you don’t want to read that

Keys to success (from my perspective)

  1. Passion/Persistence
  2. Failure is essential to success indeed you can’t experience success without making lots and lots of mistakes first!
  3. Curiosity/willingness to learn
  4. A sense of humor
  5. A willingness to take risks without the assurance of success
  6. Learn what works for you. While studying and testing out the tried and true methods is essential in the end you have to adapt to your specific strengths/weaknesses
  7. Do what you can where you are right now. Every day of our lives we are presented with obstacles. Every day of my life there will be a compelling reason to wait. I am sick, I’m sad, I still have Epilepsy. Don’t wait. Do something.
  8. Acknowledge weaknesses/errors it is essential to growth.
  9. Ask for help when you need it. State what you need very clearly. Help others.
  10. Take responsibility for yourself. Just keep in mind that we are all trying to survive so sometimes we will bump into each other.
  11. “Life is a journey not a destination.” Take it in steps and remember to breathe!

3 words to banish from your vocabulary

  1. Unfair
  2. Impossible
  3. Normal

30 thoughts on “Jump

  1. First of all – I’ve not read a poem of such a standard here on wordpress for quite a while. I find your words amazing and inspirational.

    Secondly – I need to work on not using those words. I don’t like using ‘normal’ anyhow. I don’t like what it insinuates. I often use the word unfair – not in terms of myself, but when thinking of the injustices of the world. And I’m always using the word impossible in terms of myself and what I can’t do – that comes with insecurity. Thank you for for this post, it has inspired and motivated me.

    1. Oh wow that is a tremendous compliment thank you so much!

      I struggle with impossible as well and often find myself saying can’t before I’ve even tried. In fact I generally grumble when I try anything new! Thank you kindly =)

  2. I am completely enamored of your philosophical pieces, dearest one.. I love how your passions reveal your soul and how you contemplate the meaning of existance, allowing us to see past our own mundane moments to speculate where we too are heading.

    7. I am sorry that you are ill but admire that you stay steadfast, keeping pace with your goals, but please keep in mind this…it is alright to also do nothing; this is my belief. It is okay to just sit back and revel in the gifts of nature, God, and the moment of just being, breathing and basking.

    I wish you a restfull weekend and that your spirit is gently relaxed with the assuredness that you are loved by those whom you have chosen to surround yourself with.

    1. Awww that is an incredibly sweet comment. I take time to do nothing too =) I do have a little trouble striking up a good balance though. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well.

  3. you and i are of similar minds Yves, from the the title to the last line i could not agree more wholeheartedly with your brilliant poem. i have been in pieces more often than whole in this long life, risk,….could be my middle name. it is an absolutely essential ingredient and not always comfortable companion to us artists, the burden of our responsibility for the gifts we’ve been given. heh…normal?…one of my least favorite words!

  4. The idea here is to promote the courage to take risk as a way of growing. But that doesn’t mean jump into a volcano to test whether you can fly. There is a reason why we have the instinct for risk avoidance. It’s called survival. So yes jump and see if you can fly but do it safely and smartly try jumping from a fallen log first just to test your wings and learn the nuances of flying. Then incrementally graduate to higher and higher precipices before attempting that death defying leap of faith.

    1. Indeed I am not talking about being self-destructive here I am talking about trusting yourself and opening yourself up to life basically. Hopefully there is some brain activity involved lol

      1. I just wanted to say this so that people realize that the fear is there for a reason, and that we should respect fear, let it guide us, and forgive ourselves for those times when we don’t have the courage to ignore it.

  5. “Some days I too am a man without presence, surviving, approximating
    Unaccountable in the passage of time, some days I am merely the sum
    Of my diversions, some days I stand ungraciously by an open window
    Waiting for the contents to spill through of their own accord”

    ^ This.

    And now I have nothing to say. How awkward!

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