cliff-fog-landscapes-mountains-nature-2855502-1920x1080What is a man if no dream exists worthy enough to define him?

If he is soundless in trespass and of negligible intent

Fear having rendered him woefully prosaic

What if he has not loved deeply or embraced wholly the moment

But stood always at the precipice, a hairs breadth from extinction

Pontificating the immorality of risk when the outcome is unknown

In his final moments what if he lie ribcage barren before the gravekeeper

With none to mourn his passing. Could such a man claim to have lived at all?


Some days I too am a man without presence, surviving, approximating

Unaccountable in the passage of time, some days I am merely the sum

Of my diversions, some days I stand ungraciously by an open window

Waiting for the contents to spill through of their own accord


The universe is imagination manifest, possibility exists even in calamity

We choose to wait rather than to act independently, we choose to beg

Rather then to extend our hearts, lest those hearts end up broken

Better to be in pieces than to expire untouched


I wrote an accompanying discussion on Curious Flowers called Dance like no one is watching

Here is a summary if you don’t want to read that

Keys to success (from my perspective)

  1. Passion/Persistence
  2. Failure is essential to success indeed you can’t experience success without making lots and lots of mistakes first!
  3. Curiosity/willingness to learn
  4. A sense of humor
  5. A willingness to take risks without the assurance of success
  6. Learn what works for you. While studying and testing out the tried and true methods is essential in the end you have to adapt to your specific strengths/weaknesses
  7. Do what you can where you are right now. Every day of our lives we are presented with obstacles. Every day of my life there will be a compelling reason to wait. I am sick, I’m sad, I still have Epilepsy. Don’t wait. Do something.
  8. Acknowledge weaknesses/errors it is essential to growth.
  9. Ask for help when you need it. State what you need very clearly. Help others.
  10. Take responsibility for yourself. Just keep in mind that we are all trying to survive so sometimes we will bump into each other.
  11. “Life is a journey not a destination.” Take it in steps and remember to breathe!

3 words to banish from your vocabulary

  1. Unfair
  2. Impossible
  3. Normal