Meditational Quotes

maxresdefaulytThe capacity for love is what makes us whole not the presence or addition of a specific entity.


Dreams are never silent. Not in pursuit. Not in fruition. And certainly not during withdrawal.


To live is to risk your heart daily, to adjust continuously its capacity so that the light may enter unabridged.


“The spiritual is not something that descends from above, rather it is an illumination that is to be discovered within.” Ajit Mookerjee


“If I repent of anything it  is very likely to be my good behavior.” Thoreau


Whenever I try to be good I end up an insufferable hypocrite better to be human, for being human comprises all modalities of being.


When I create I empty myself of all extraneous thought and perch uncompromisingly in the moment. Then with nothing but my bare hands I consciously pluck the stitches from my heart so that I can access the underlying casualty.


When one speaks of the virtue of emptiness what they are really talking about is receptivity. It is about accepting wholly the experience without any nullifying or aggrandizing judgements. The moment we start to assign preferences we lose sight of what is.


seizures, vicious headache, terrible night’s sleep, and therapy appointment today so sorry for the brief entry, if not specified I wrote the quote. I haven’t really tried to write quotes before I am not sure if I am succeeding lol

26 responses to “Meditational Quotes

  1. Each point today is a point of discussion and reflection for us all. Well said Yves. I particularly like the ‘the capacity for love is what makes us whole…’ I can’t imagine how awful the world would be without that capacity…..I liked this post today….thanks for sharing.

  2. You have succeeded lovely, I really love the 2nd last one – wouldn’t it be cool for a made up quote to be remembered through history. This is different and I must admit I like you doing posts like this. xx

      • 18 year of studying philosophy finally pays of lol I am just kidding I love philosophy and it pays off in many ways. I have entertained writing a philosophical paper to help people understand some more of the complicated bits. I have studied Buddhism the longest, followed by Taoism, and then Shinto. Or just write a book on my own philosophy which is mix of those and the crazy that is me lol

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