3946Mat Collishaw

Remove me from

Your list of intentions

I am not willing to impart

Without confession


I have feasted on the shadow

Of your tongue as your words stagger

Prophetically over my apologies

We are not the fantasy I conceived

And you are not a man

Who can love genuinely


Almost doesn’t captivate

The same way that forever does

Exception doesn’t mean

Half as much when

It’s an incurable condition

To be in the audience always

Waiting for the ovation to subside

That we may stand together, equal


Denial intensifies appetite

In your presence the threat

Of neglect eclipses everything

I am nothing if your actions

Reflect your heart’s content

I am nothing if promises kept

Represent the value assigned

If I wait I will never consummate

My expectations in this life


A half does not suffice

When I come

Completely willing


kind a sort of a song