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She is a coal miner’s daughter

Raised with the expectation

Of a stoically borne tragedy

She is the accoutrement of a cage

Clasped irrespective of occasion

I carry her, a pale, tremulous fist

Aggrieved by the imperatives of war


There is something inconsolable about immortality

The way it accelerates the death of all we hold dear

There is something oppressive about the sky

When it remains too long unbroken

There are storms of necessity and clouds

Full of hormonal surges and silver tinged hopes

We do not want happiness everlasting but passion

This moment full of unexpressed gratitude

Is not an intermission it is and ever will be the truth


This poem actually accompanies the monster post I wrote today for my other site Curious Flowers


Which I called The Happiness Game basically it is me trying to process


20 thoughts on “Life is not an intermission

  1. Beautifully expressed Yves, I do like ‘we don’t want happiness everlasting but pasion’ how true for all of us. Happiness come sin installments you have to recognised them as they go past, but passion can be the way you live every day.

  2. How beautifully your narrator stands in the stream of time imagining all moving, all changing but she! Unchange as a state of being, as the whole show rather than a brief respite reminds me of Sartre’s play NO EXIT, a boredom and exposure unfathomable. Constant passion/change could also be stultifying. But give me the ups and downs, light to show off the dark and vice versa, and I will know how to recognize my happiness. I enjoyed the sister piece to this poem as well. But for me this poem is a masterpiece and I am putting it in my file of poems I would prefer not to live without.

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