penThere is something

Tyrannical about the pen

The way it wags back and forth

Like an admonishment

Eradicating, replicating, reinventing

My thoughts are unsafe

Beneath its blue-veined insistence

All that is within me impoverished

Will be executed

As proof of perseverance


What is the deal with the annoying ads =(


29 thoughts on “Pen

  1. Loved the pic and of course your words…wouldn’t it be nice although a process to write with a pen again and not type! The ads – you can ask WP not to show them if you want… I think. xx

  2. Cool poem, not sure what advert you are referring to or if it is related to the poem at all? In any case, really loved your portrayal of the tyranny of the pen for authors!! 🙂 🙂

  3. A beautiful image, and wonderful poem. I see my pen as a great friend, but I understand the threat of inner most thoughts being revealed through the channel of a pen to be seen and faced. I’ve felt that fear at times. Blessings, H xxx

  4. Another great piece Yves, the pen is probably the most powerful weapon you could hold in your hand. I think the ads are why we get the blog for free.

  5. This defo makes me want to pick up the pen and do some writing off-screen, like I used to do!:)
    The adds are annoying indeed, they changed them,they no longer advertise WP premium bundles but random, usualy horrid articles. At least that’s what I see :/

  6. i am not getting this spam but i read that others are getting it too. its not just you if that makes u feel a lil better. i believe it is to get us to purchase premium. i have seen this tactic at another site. nothing is free.

    at fb they are imposing the ads right in the same newsfeed as other entries. i dont go there much so it doesnt bother me.

  7. writing is an act of perseverence for sure…and can be rather daunting too
    in that what we create allows us to see different aspects of ourselves…

    computer crashed a few days ago and i am just getting back online….

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