stageBeautiful but circuitous

I remain estranged

Salutations that never

Extend invitation

Lips too buoyant

To indulge profundity


There is loneliness

In the sustainment of doubt

There is loneliness

In a sealed heart that grows

Emptier with the passage of time


To possess a tongue without guile

A betrayal to both barer and expectancy

There is freedom in awkwardness

In the way it forbids assimilation


I am not an actress and no stage

No matter how obliquitous

Could detain me


20 thoughts on “Stage

  1. This speaks to me. I dislike small talk. I always feel awkward in that middle ground that extends beyond hello but never gets to conversation that I can engage in. One minute of greeting or hours of discussion is my way. There is loneliness in the absence of ‘real’ talk if the opportunity or person to speak with is absent.
    Beautifully said.x

      1. That’s why I avoid people I used to know if I meet them on the train! After the first couple of minutes what can you say without garbling? It’s not as if you can enter into a discussion on life. 😉 x

  2. “To possess a tongue without guile

    A betrayal to both barer and expectancy

    There is freedom in awkwardness

    In the way it forbids assimilation” – this was amazing! I loved the whole poem, but this part is for tattooing on your skin you know? I don’t know, many people might not agree with me or see it the way I see it, but that part speaks to me not only of something that is deep inside of me, but it is also, in a way, praising it. It makes me get up and personal with the whole poem, because it stops being words on a screen, and becomes an entity.

  3. I feel as if we are all actors on a grand stage…each person has their role to play. Yours is to write magically 🙂

  4. the part that really made me think was not being an actor…as one that tries to live toward truth and keep short accounts…i really cant stand acting…pretending….it deceiving…

  5. indulge profundity … sustain doubt … be guileless and awkward without apology … sometimes I feel we have the same questions about living authentically.

  6. obliquitous~I know what this means but I still looked it up. This word can mean so many things and accompanied with all the other wonderful words you have written here, what a lovely lovely expression. The illustration you have used is so perfect as if a fly on the wall but it seems so big because it’s noisy and you are floating. I love illustration such as this. I’m an illustrator and your words and art they speak volumes and made me smile! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much MichelleMarie =) I chose the illustration for my poem and it is amazing but I cannot take credit for the art. I also sadly cannot find who did create the image.

      1. Well choosing illustration is just as crafty as doing them yourself. It is hard to find art credits. I love your choices. I love your words they paint a visual image in the mind! 🙂

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