sheerwonderThis week’s prompt is sheer wonder. Immediately I think of childhood the first time you look through a telescope, your first visit to an aquarium, waking up on Christmas morning, ball games etc. Of course adults can experience such moments as well riding in a hot air balloon, reaching the summit after a long hike, visiting a foreign land, viewing a meteor shower, riding in a helicopter, scuba diving the list is endless. Moments of sheer wonder don’t have to coincide with major events, looking at the ocean, taking a walk, reading about a new technology, listening to a TED talk we can experience these extraordinary moments in our ordinary lives as well!


38 thoughts on “Prompt 40 Sheer Wonder

      1. I have shared photos of one recently with lovely photos, so I am share one of my childhood…those are fun to relive in our minds…It might be free verse rather than poem though. I have so much on my mind lately with work today.

  1. Trying to feel awe with macro photography, often succeed
    Tryin to share it 5 times a week, but I don’t know whether that leads to the similar awe-itude.

      1. thank you. I realize that all these ‘thank you-s’ keep me going.
        Part of the awe (perhaps even 90%) is in the process … however … that seems almost impossible to share.

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