OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI love the way you move like an angler fish

Proclaiming light in assist of predation


Spurious but nonsensical

I watch you scrap acrylic paint

From beneath your fingernails

There is something incapacitating

About your art, the way it arrests

The larynx and by default expression


There are ten steps from your door to mine

I wear them into my soles daily

You perpetuate my experience of humiliation

By always keeping your door ajar


I’ve glimpsed your heart red and buoyant

Like a semi-submerged apple

In an antiquated game

To taste your flesh would be preemptive

Of murder but whose I am not sure


You consume without love

Only those whom you can mesmerize.

There’s too much effort in nonchalance

So you wait, nudging my palate

With a sweetness that is not entirely synthetic

Given your avaricious attention to detail


31 thoughts on “Lure

  1. Amazing wording. I love how the two lines from the intro undertoned so well the rest of the things written and just how graphic everything looked inside my mind when reading.

  2. def this feels a bit like a riddle….the last bit as well…the taking of their flesh…and whether it would kill you or them…the last stanza is tight…the consumation not being able to happen without love and the memorizing of them…

  3. Great writing. I loved it. The way her art arrests the larynx, wearing the steps into soles daily, tasting her flesh preemptive of murder… wonderful. πŸ™‚ One of the best pieces I have read by you.

  4. I thought it was your lover-SO-partner with whom you made the mistake of getting too close. I guess from the comments, I wasn’t too far off. Reminded me of mine.

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