IMG_8731-rt-HPLara Solomon

I want to surrender

At the behest of your eyes

To feel your unvoiced tongue

Tuning my tremulous limbs

Like a marionette pre-flight


I want to feel your cadence

Permeating every fragment of

My cardiac infrastructure

As uncompromising

As chemical dependence


You whom I hold in proximity

Only to the sun, a scion of light

In trespass of my exhalation

I want to falter under

Your counterfeit gravity

Impervious save for lust


I am hard at work on my book now so I am a little preoccupied but I will do my utmost to continue to bring you poems daily!


36 thoughts on “Scion

  1. A book!! How wonderful!! Cannot wait to buy it. I will be praying for the process for you, Sweetie!! So exciting!! ((This was wonderful by the way))

      1. I know it will be if you have anything to do with it. Please don’t forget to take care of you during the process!! 🙂 Hugs!!

      2. Well, if you ever need an ear, I am here. Until then, I already have your name down to pray for every day anyway…..sooooo, I will just add that to the things to pray for. I am sorry you are going through disappointments. I know what that is like. Sometimes, though, those times lead us to greater joy. I have seen that side of it, too. Big hugs, Sweetie!!

      3. Hugs back. I really appreciate it your support and prayers =) I will post about the situation on Curious Flowers in the near future but right now I just cry thinking about it

  2. i wonder at the use of counterfeit there in the end…it throws a rather false light on it…i def feel the longing to give in…i like the use of scion in this as well…

    1. You know how you get weak in the knees when you are with someone you like how they can have a presence that appears to alter gravity but of course they don’t literally alter gravity it is just a feeling

  3. This is incredible piece,Yves, I liked it before and then came to read it again. Very happy to learn about your book, all the best dear- May you achieve lot of satisfaction in writing it.

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