IMG_8731-rt-HPLara Solomon

I want to surrender

At the behest of your eyes

To feel your unvoiced tongue

Tuning my tremulous limbs

Like a marionette pre-flight


I want to feel your cadence

Permeating every fragment of

My cardiac infrastructure

As uncompromising

As chemical dependence


You whom I hold in proximity

Only to the sun, a scion of light

In trespass of my exhalation

I want to falter under

Your counterfeit gravity

Impervious save for lust


I am hard at work on my book now so I am a little preoccupied but I will do my utmost to continue to bring you poems daily!

36 responses to “Scion

  1. A book!! How wonderful!! Cannot wait to buy it. I will be praying for the process for you, Sweetie!! So exciting!! ((This was wonderful by the way))

      • I know it will be if you have anything to do with it. Please don’t forget to take care of you during the process!! 🙂 Hugs!!

      • Well, if you ever need an ear, I am here. Until then, I already have your name down to pray for every day anyway…..sooooo, I will just add that to the things to pray for. I am sorry you are going through disappointments. I know what that is like. Sometimes, though, those times lead us to greater joy. I have seen that side of it, too. Big hugs, Sweetie!!

      • Hugs back. I really appreciate it your support and prayers =) I will post about the situation on Curious Flowers in the near future but right now I just cry thinking about it

  2. i wonder at the use of counterfeit there in the end…it throws a rather false light on it…i def feel the longing to give in…i like the use of scion in this as well…

    • You know how you get weak in the knees when you are with someone you like how they can have a presence that appears to alter gravity but of course they don’t literally alter gravity it is just a feeling

  3. This is incredible piece,Yves, I liked it before and then came to read it again. Very happy to learn about your book, all the best dear- May you achieve lot of satisfaction in writing it.

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