I sully all transition

Fear is the anticipated response

To progress, change itself

Being a form of termination


Will my wings exceed

My heart’s momentum?


At what point does preparation

Become a method of diversion?


How high must the ground rise

Before I am willing to leap?


I crawl under a thick duvet

Whenever I sleep

I have a thing about spirits

Being drawn

To overscrutinized flesh


If I died today

I’d idle for a long time

Before passing on

I’m still getting to know myself

And you who I love

More than life

Are incomparable as a beacon


35 thoughts on “Leap

  1. Lovely verse! The opening lines are just fantastic and The lines:
    I I died today
    I’d idle for a long time
    Before passing on
    I’m still getting to know myself
    And you who I love…
    are sublime!
    That photo (?) is fantastic did you do it?

      1. lol…I had no doubts indeed about the poem, I’ve read you before! Just though you might also be a visual artist, one never knows ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Beautiful and really touching. What is so special about your poetry is that it does not focus on invading just one part fo the reader, but the whole being. I loved this part:”Will my wings exceed

    My heartโ€™s momentum?”

  3. some interesting questions….outracing the hearts momentum…still sticking around after death so you can finish getting to know yourself…preparation being a measure of diversion…true, i think we are masters at diversion…

  4. Thank God for the Beacons in our lives and beyond. How fine that the narrator doesn’t tempt fate by over exposing skin (I have a similar suspicion). The beacons can wait and wait. I adore this poem with its stages toward desire.

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