BW5I ride the darker course

No pebbles attest my path

There is only the debris

Of capsized meteors

Cauterizing the soles

Of my wounded dreams


I walk on the bones

Of revolutionaries

And though my heart

Has a taste for blood

My hands remain

Modestly perched

Between my ribs


In the absence of aptitude

There is expenditure

I place these briny poems

Face down in rows

The pursuit of genius

Necessitates sacrifice


I am experiencing a lot self-doubt lately and I think that’s why I haven’t felt like writing as much


23 thoughts on “Sacrifice

  1. i think we all face those doubts at times…and often it is in those times we write nothing we are satisfied with either…i have little doubt you are a good writer…you def know how to spin words…rest assured in that….

      1. What’s kind? I admire your talent and learn from genious, my dear. That is what I love about WP…I learn from such talent but they are also kind and generous in sharing.

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