multiple_personalities_by_schattenkrahe-d3c9o8iArtwork By: schattenkrahe

As a child there must have been a time

When beauty was more state of being

Than degree of starvation

A time when imagination outweighed

Monetary extraction as it ought to do

In any society that professes itself civilized


As a teenager

Graphite hearts ran deeper

Than their messy counterparts

And immortality could only

Be extinguished by fire

Which meant, that in order to die,

One had to live impractically first

Mine was a language capable

Of rescinding and reshaping existence

I was a genius because I suffered

The reverse didn’t necessarily apply


As an adult I find my resignation

Tempered only by discontent

There is red and yellow tape

Beneath which no treasure lies hidden

All my mirrors appear carnival themed

I don’t like the way aging assumes flesh

I am brittle and inflexible

Like an unsuccessful resolution


I wrote this in the bath which is where I find myself whenever I am unable to produce anything suitable on dry land. I have had vertigo for the last 37 hours so if anyone has suggestions I would be grateful.


27 thoughts on “Brittle

  1. Beautiful thoughts. Rest and relaxation is the answer for a vertigo, I think though I have not experienced it myself my friend. Take care and God bless.My prayers for your healthy recovery.

  2. This is beautiful beyond expression, especially “As a teenager

    Graphite hearts ran deeper

    Than their messy counterparts”. Bath tends to be very inspirational for writing, I can agree on that.
    I am sorry about the vertigo, I hope it passes asap :/

  3. i wish i had suggestions that would take away the vertigo…i was a genius because i suffered is an interesting line…also age assuming flesh making you brittle…there is a true fear in that…and i see it play out in my gramma’s life…

  4. You’ve done it again with this one Yves. I had to do a set of eye exercises for my vertigo, with my eyes closed. Usually vertigo is something to do with the tiny marbles in the fluid of the ear canal, (check google) anyway the brain has to recreate new lines of communication with the ears. Anyway, it worked for me after a few weeks. I empathise with you. Mine came on as I was driving at 100kmh down a highway, level horizon to 180 degrees in a second. Urk.

    1. That is terrifying Laurie I am glad you are here to tell the tale. Thank you so much I will look into that today! It is very unnerving having vertigo even in my dreams I am spinning

      1. It sure is Yves, the sensations are sickening. When I went to see the specialist he took me to the point of vomiting with the test he performed to make sure I had it. He even had a big plastic bucket on hand. 🙂 The exercises worked. It takes time though. That’s really crappy having it in your sleep. 😦

  5. If the vertigo persists see your doc. They can prescribe for it…I used to have some pills from the doc for vertigo and they do work.

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