If you could grasp

My innuendo

Would we

Lie down together

Captive in

The licentious swell

Of our undressed egos


If you understood

The fragility

Of my trust

Would you seek

Favor over sentiment?


If I heeded the rumors

Would I turn away

Before your impropriety

Deadened my spirit?

Or would I cast

My thirsting heart


Into the sediment?

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12 thoughts on “Traitor

  1. intriguing piece…the middle section for me…the fragility of trust….seeking just favor in that regard only errodes it further…..lots of feeling in this one…

  2. Good questions, especially if you believe what you hear. I was so hoping the last stanza would give two a chance, but there the choice is either turning away or throwing the heart into the “sidiment”–actually, though, sediment could be like Mother Earth herself and not the dirt of my first impression. Whichever way you’ll have it, the language and rhythm of this poem are passionate..

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