Room_II_by_the_surreal_artsArt By: the-surreal-arts

Her pitiless eyes

Hang from the ceiling

Like exposed light bulbs

Pendulous and accusatory

I plead simplicity

Scarifying palatable alibis

With my inconsonant grin


She poses in silence

Features tarnished and angular

I wrap my knuckles

Metaphorically against her chest

The wind howls contemptuously

From betwixt iron-plated ribs


Her ellipse is vulturine

Folded arms poetizing assault

If only her fists fell instead

Then I could wrap my arms

Around her tremulous form

And restore this wicked flame

To its rightful red


Some days I have trouble finding my muse and today was one of those days!


21 thoughts on “Venus vs. Mars

    1. Thank you Jenny. It is about communication between men and women. Women tend to be more verbal and often more abstract with their feelings. Men tend to be more literal and concise. When a woman becomes silent in an argument that is an especially bad sign. The eyeballs hanging from the ceiling was to call to mind the bare bulbs in interrogation rooms. Women tend to scrutinize every little detail, they look for hidden motives where none exist. Men like to solve problems (they can have trouble listening to those long-winded speeches) and are sometimes more physical in their methods of communication. They might resolve an argument with fists (with other men) and with women they might try to use sex or physical affection to soothe a complex emotional response. When a flame gets too hot it burns an icy blue and he’d rather her be a more accessible red. I used maybe too much symbolism?

  1. I agree with ramblings…perhaps your muse is controlling your pen too quickly, not giving you a chance to stop and allow the words to sink in. I love reading your poetry…I read it several times and sometimes it is like a piece of art, left to interpretation, non? Oliana x

    1. Haha I think what happened was that I wrote it done precisely as I understand it but often I do some translating to make it a little easier for my audience to digest. I think maybe I skipped that step and left it more as the in my own mind version. I have a very abstract mind that relies heavily on symbolism and metaphor. I make a lot of unusual connections which probably require explanation

  2. Well I like this Yves, and some days our Muse may appear to be out to lunch but then it allows the other hidden muses to work their magic. Excellent imagery in this one.

  3. Oh your muse was there….this gripped my heart. I can feel the pain and sadness dripping in each letter. Wonderful my friend.

  4. I always smile when you say you’re having trouble finding your muse, because it couldn’t be further from the truth.

    “Her pitiless eyes

    Hang from the ceiling

    Like exposed light bulbs”

    wonderful imagery!

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