unavoidableThis week’s prompt is one of a series I have planned but no worries I will not be asking you to produce a cohesive story/novel utilizing the prompts. If, however, you would like to use the prompts to create a story please feel free to do so. There will be 20 prompts in this series (including this one). As always I accept all forms of self-expression (photographs, stories, poetry, artwork, videos, music etc.). There is no length restriction on your entries and no need to censor on my account (provide warnings at your own discretion).


Some examples of unavoidable pain which you are absolutely free to use

Taking up exercise

Medical procedures


Rescue efforts (ever hurled yourself in the path of a moving object to save someone?)

Job interviews

Raising children

Finding love

Pursuing dreams


37 thoughts on “Prompt 37 Unavoidable Pain

  1. I’m late posting, and given the nature of Ice & Blood [part 1 of a novel in search of prompts], being #13 with Mr. Linky is ominous and appropriate.
    Can’t wait to read the next prompt in the series.

      1. We shall see — I couldn’t keep up the pace with the recent “write a novel in a month” challenge (I forget the acronym), so 20 prompts over 20 weeks (?) seems more reasonable. What I end up with . . .
        Got lots of stories in my head, time I wrote some of them down, formed around your prompts. They may actually be short chapters for a short book.

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