Winter Sun



The sun slips

In and out

At intervals

Too capricious

To conclude

I thrust my fingers

Into her golden veil

Just as it disseminates

Into a fretful ruse


My lips are a canoe

Aimlessly meandering

Through pools of gloom

I paint my face silver

And flit through the night

An uncompanionable visitor


My vitality depends

Upon her yellow light

Which hides oft behind

A silentious drizzle


Looking at the grey sky I can’t help but miss sunshine


35 responses to “Winter Sun

  1. I live in the same country as Michael and we have grey and rain… *sigh* – another beautiful set of images Yves – well done lovely and a Happy New Year to you (again) 😉 x

  2. I often feel angry at the winter sun. So low in the sky that it seems to be trying to hide behind the trees. Not nearly warm enough. But every once in a while it engages me and I’m grateful that it at least still tries.

    This is the first day of a beautiful year! The best to you!

    • I think it is pretty common. When I first came to Sweden it was during winter and I slept most of the time because it was dark and my body is tuned that way. I fell asleep during conversations constantly, like a bird with a blanket tossed on the cage I was a mess haha

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