I clutch the intimation

Of your smile between my teeth

The final bastion crumbling


Words are bitter

The discarded rinds

Of a titivated heart


Let’s not speak

As if strangers

Let’s kiss and collapse

As if every moment

Were indelible


My soul flits

Between spine and navel

A dissident moth

Hunting euphoria

In darkness


I want to burn with you

Like an exposed wound

Jagged and irrefutable

My name deepening

With every exhale

A mantra carved

In flesh and sinew


27 thoughts on “Fuse

      1. I’m sorry I haven’t been reading many posts at all 😦 Having the Service last Tuesday and just finished writing the one for next Monday,but I shall return sooner rather than later and yes enjoyed – just ate too much! x

      2. How was your service? I ate quite a lot myself haha Sam’s Japanese hotpot was amazing. I love sweets too and when I am really tired I tend to eat them for a pick me up because I can’t have caffeine. I am sure I put on a few but let’s not think of that lol

  1. oo la…some nice intimacy in this…i like the smile held in teeth…the mantra in flesh….very nice….heading out for the weekend…catch up with you first of the week….

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