To Be Loved


Ruined in the act

Of a misplaced martyrdom

My spine collapses

Beneath rhapsodic applause

Like a wooden tower


To be loved

To be loved


My heart is deaf

She cannot hear

Vacancy calling

I bury myself

Halfway down

The great hibernation

Is upon us

The void of

An unaccountable mourning

Months of delirium and tears

Too shapeless to gather


To be loved

To be loved


I’ve suffered enough

To furnish a war

Its requisite pathos

I was a goddess once

The kind that appears

Exclusively to one

Despite a subsequent loss

Of following

Without you

She no longer exists

Which is to say “I” have

Nothing exceptional

Now to offer

You created a fortune

Of rusted pennies


To be loved

To be loved


I would give anything

To feel that way again


This is a fictional piece about the loss of one’s first love which I’ve written for the prompt


23 responses to “To Be Loved

  1. i’ve suffered enough to furnish a war….great line….my heart is deaf is another very evocative line….def full of powerful emotion….nicely written….def the repetition of to be loved as well…nice hit

  2. My spine collapses beneath rhapsodic applause – aah, uber wonderful!
    Agree with everyone else, the repetition is powerful.:)

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