Prompt 34 “My first…”

02_The_Falling_Leafs_Girl_by_pesareThis is week’s prompt is about firsts!

Some suggestion to ponder

First crush

First kiss

First job

First car

First poem or story you’ve ever written

First publication

First dance recital

You get the idea.  You can also do a fictional piece (first kill, first transformation as a werewolf, first trip to another planet etc. etc.)

49 responses to “Prompt 34 “My first…”

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  3. OMG — I’ve started and stopped about 6 different firsts (real and fictional). So many possibilities. I need to free write for a while and see which first comes first. Great prompt.

  4. another great prompt – my head is spinning there are so many to choose from…hmm muse guide me … 🙂

  5. Out of all of the firsts in my life I need to come up with one….this will be hard. Think I will just start writing and let it which ever first that wants out to come out.

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