Dark Season


I tore into you this morning

I can’t remember the motive

But this dark season

Never seems to change


All our days rest critical

In the belly of a ravine

Like the dismantled girls

Of serial delusionists

Despite association

There exists a loneliness

More pervasive in knowing


No matter the volume

Of the expletives consumed

This noxious silence

Remains unbroken

Our pockmarked hearts

Retire from war

Assume a truce

That is itself injurious


Our bedroom is split

With yellow tape

Both perpetrator and victim

We bond to our respective sides





This is a reblogged post but I deleted the original and posted it normally. This particular post had no views, comments, or likes and I wanted to make sure everyone could view the post in full with no weird complications. I realize some of you are having difficulty with the reblogged posts I have had issues myself in the past.

First you need to visit my WordPress page  https://mindlovemisery.wordpress.com/

Then click on the title of the poem you would like to view “Bonsai” for example

Lastly click on the black link that appears above the photograph Reblogged from mindlovemisery clicking on that link will take you to the original post.  If you have followed these steps and the like button is still invisible or there is any other weirdness please let me know.

I am not sure how reblogged posts work through reader but I have a suspicion that it’s not functioning properly as I am receiving notifications for likes that do not appear on the actual posts


31 responses to “Dark Season

  1. All seems to be working fine. Thank goodness. I would be cross if I couldn’t say how much I like this piece. Brilliant imagery. Love the use of pernicious as a conclusion. So descriptive and apt.x

  2. Wow, I must say this one will be now among my favourites from you!

    As for the reblog troubles, it gets kinda tricky, mostly because it can differ from Theme to Theme that you are using on your blog and works differently at me or at you. The likes you are not seeing are going directly to the Reblog action, instead of to the original post you were trying to direct people to.

    • Oh wow thank you that is so kind!

      I got a little tutorial about it and I am hoping to try reposting instead of reblogging because it should be easier for my viewers. I am a little worried that not everyone is able to easily view the full post and I just want it to be super simple

  3. Ech you had me hooked from the first line to the last – I am so glad I no longer go through these moments of silence – of arguments such a drain of energy and more thankful no yellow tape – powerful write Yves.

  4. This is, quite frankly, brilliant, as it can be read on so many different levels. Plus it’s beautifully written. Another favourite, for sure xxx

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