This week’s prompt is Man vs. Nature

You can take that to mean man versus his own nature or man versus the wild. While this prompt could easily illicit a serious intellectual/emotional discussion about man’s destruction of the environment and the need for conservation I believe it could also lend itself to comedy. Have you ever had an interaction with a wild animal? Ever been camping? Hiking? Skinny dipping in what you assumed to be a private lake? As always I leave the interpretation of the prompt to your imagination.

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29 thoughts on “Prompt 33 Man vs. Nature

    1. Man is most assuredly an animal/nature but for some reason man likes to make a distinction and in losing that connection to the natural world we’ve come to take our planet for granted

      1. I’m sure if dogs where given a couple of million years to evolve they too would face this stage — regardless, we should cure earth from ourselves, if not, earth will cure itself from us

      2. As I was discussing with Helen we do have the capacity to make some beneficial and life-saving changes both as individuals and on a much larger scale. In Sweden for example they import trash from Norway because they no longer have landfills. They are using the trash for heating and it is working really well. Unfortunately we have the possibility but man seems set on self-destruction.

  1. Even in the garbage department (as you point out) man can help nature. Long before separating plastic, paper, bottles and cans was the norm, my mother’s small town realized that the landfill could only hold so much — so the town went recycling big time! Everybody got a compost bin to fill and then the town made non-vegetable grade compose — huge bag for $1. All garbage had to be sorted, placed in see-through bags, plastic, paper, etc in other bags and containers. They were so far ahead of their time, that even large cities were, at best, collecting plastic. The town still has room in it’s land fill, has added stations at the dump so people can bring their own separated “garbage” as well as drop off chemicals and paint cans. There was big pick up day when anything could be put out, and the resourceful folks of my mother’s town would salvage so much stuff, that often there was very little left on the curb for the town’s trucks! When I was home, I kept trying to find the small compostable bin in our kitchen to fill and then take out to the large bin, lined with giant, bio-degradable plastic or paper bags. No such thing in my town. Oops, long winded as usual. Sigh.

    1. We are required to recycle here and we also have compost. When I lived in NC they just tossed the recycled trash in the landfill so there was no honest way to recycle at least not in the town I lived in. I am glad to hear your mom’s city is leaps and bounds ahead

  2. “Well, what did you expect?” she asked, her black hair tousled by the poisoned air. “I mean really, you were warned time and time again. I don’t know what else we could have done. All you thought about was the money it would cost to shut down the factories that refused to comply with the EPA rules. You kept letting them pay fines, year after year, until it was too late. You refused to take the gas guzzlers off the road, in spite of the fact that you already had clean technology to replace it…because of money. You destroyed the world, for money. How’s that working for you? Well, I don’t have any sympathy for you, after all, you only got what you deserved. Killers kill, they even themselves. Oh, by the way, you look good in the gas mask,” she snickered. “You had everything and threw it all away. You got exactly what you asked for.”

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