Prompt 32 Bridge


This weeks prompt is Bridge

Here are some ideas for you to ponder

The internet allows us to speak to people from all over the world.

WordPress is a bridge linking creative people together

Architectural bridges that allow us passage from one location to the next

Those emotional/professional ties which bind individuals/organizations together

Supernatural bridges- bridges that lead us from this world into the next

Bridges between fantasy and reality

I think you get the idea =)

All forms of media are accepted

If you a feel a rating is necessary please provide one

There is no limit on length or number of submissions

Please read and comment to your fellow participants

There is no time limit for the prompt if you don’t manage to get your submission in “on time” (the prompts are changed on Sundays) then post it to the current prompt with a note as to what prompt you are responding to.

39 responses to “Prompt 32 Bridge

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  3. You are my bridge between no sense and nonsense. I free wrote (who would pay?) and will try and stay at the computer long enough to post soon.

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  7. I agree with belsbror, your visions are very enchanting and inspiring at the same time. I love the photo of the prompt and the idea of the bridge between fantasy and reality. Good luck. Take care and God bless.

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  9. beyond the mental bridge between two minds
    lies the bridge between the unknowing of one and two …
    a bridge that can be crossed
    when silence is within

  10. Did your home page always look soooo cool? If so, I’ve somehow managed to miss seeing it until today. Very nice.

    Busy with seasonal/family responsibilities and writing prompts this month for We Write Poems. So I’ll leave a thought here.

    space between
    you and I — which word
    is keystone

    • Thank you so much my homepage has looked like this for a little while I think, I am quite happy with the pictures I have wrangled up. Oooooh I love it thanks for sharing and good luck to you =)

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