As some of you know I am in the process of editing my blog. As some of you may not know my blog is several years old and has a good deal of content, the process is time-consuming to say the least. In reading my older poems I realize how far I’ve come as a writer and how far I have to go! Many of my poems are riddled with grammatical errors and are difficult to understand. The inspiration and emotion behind the poems is genuine but they are so poorly written that much has been lost in translation. In some cases I am having to rewrite the entire poem! I am a little obsessed at the moment and have written more these last few days then I have written per my usual daily posts. That said there may be days when I reblog only. Rest-assured that despite being a reblog the poems are in many respects new! Also keep in mind that the poems I am speaking of are years old and it is very unlikely that they have even been read. When I started my blog I didn’t tag my posts. I didn’t visit other blogs, My blog was more or less an open notebook where I scribbled ideas. Most of the older work is just that doodles and ideas that I am only now shaping into a poem.



My words

Never diminish

Your insecurity

They are impotent

Divided by an ego

Set on extinction

Dismantled by a logic

That holds society

In contempt


When did your heart

Render unfit all orifice?

Forcing your voice

Through stitched lines

Your words are

Bloodied fragments

Too mangled for counsel


Do I conceal violence

In the guise of praise

Or do you hear only

Your mind’s

Grisly translations?


Am I the bearer

Of your pain

Or the unsigned savior?

I no longer know

If the victim

Or the rogue

Your Depression

Shapes us both

And beneath

Her murderous fingers

We are equally depraved


Will we lie here?

Covered in blood


The causalities

Of our

Combined insanities


Your red-rimmed eyes

A carnivore bates

Is it not fear

Devising of sadness

A presumptuous threat?


You silence me

With a dismissive wave

Is it my mind you fear?

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