Prompt 31 “Take me Back”


Loss of love, friendship, employment, youth we’ve all experienced a sense of longing (even if brief) for the restoration of a relationship, state of being, or situation. Is there anything or anyone you’ve lost? Has hindsight clarified your illusions or created a crippling nostalgia? All forms of media are acceptable. Your entry can be fiction, non fiction, or a combination of the two. My entry is totally fictional and encase there is any confusion the “I” in my poem is male. The loss can be based on choice(s) you’ve made or events that were not within your control but you wish, nevertheless, to alter. You do not have to use the phrase “Take me back” but you are welcome to do so. This prompt comes from an idea given by a very talented writer whom you can visit here Summerstommy

29 responses to “Prompt 31 “Take me Back”

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  5. Because of hindsight, I often find myself with a foot in both worlds… one in clarified illusions, one in crippling nostalgia, and I never know which way to turn. Sigh.

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