Every scar

I’ve ever worn

And in secrecy

Been made to endure,

Is yours darling to profess


It is your heart

Covetous and calescent

That has branded me

That has fashioned

Of my fine roots

A marionette


The strings

By which I hang

Are both

Noose and anchor

I remember not

The former tenant

Only this waning

Parasitical soul

That is not me

But who dresses

In my flesh



I know

That beneath

The surface lie

The bodies

Of countless girls

Nameless I trace

The cracked symmetry

Of each neglected numeral

Their pine box smiles

Betraying a history

Not confirmed

But soon borne


This is fictional I have to stop watching such depressing programs


32 thoughts on “Victim 19

  1. Wow, amazing story you weave here…like someone serially possessed by their past selves, anchored to something that is eternal but ever changing…I’d be fascinated to know what program you were watching!! 🙂 🙂

    1. I watched a documentary on a teenage killer, a show on children who could remember their past lives, and then an interview from someone who’d been abused in early childhood lots of heavy depressing programs crammed together

      1. Oh. Was having a conversation with another WP peep about how the human soul can only take in so much violence and hate before it starts taking a toll. I try to balance it out by watching cartoons, lol. Even that sucker has violence in it.

  2. ok, this was a disturbing read, the very definition of ‘victim’ in your words and that helpless marionette image without arms. ;
    ‘The strings
    By which I hang
    Are both
    Noose and anchor’

    you are The Queen of investigating the dark crevices
    most of us would rather not see or remember.

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