My prayers

Never quiet

The serpent’s tongue

A drawn heart

Lapping at

The blood soaked flesh

Of an excised malady

A marrow hearth


Nostalgic visions


The human mind

Is too zealous

In defense

Copper coins

Stacked atop

Closed lids

The inescapable cadence

Of an indefinite fugue

A gaping black maw

That finds solace

Only on departure

We are the carrion

The shade

The forlorn howl

Of an eclipsed parade


This is my proof for Helen Valentina please check out her blog if you haven’t yet. You will not be disappointed she is a genius =)


We spend huge portions of our life unconscious and those hours where we are not physically asleep we are in a mental/emotional stupor. At war with our minds to stay awake/mindful we find ourselves suffocating trapped in habits and addictions, unable to change, replaying the same scenarios and conversations over and over. We hunger savagely but never find satiety. Our minds are wired to shut down at the slightest provocation. Automatic Pilot is more default than helpful mechanism. Perhaps those that “die” are simply moving forward to some other stage of existence or nonexistence? Perhaps we are merely ghosts?


The picture is of me taken with a filter and a very unflattering angle to give a creepy effect. My nose looks enormous, you will have to take my word when I say my nose is actually normal sized haha. Because of my prominent cheekbones and the set of my eyes being a bit deep the eyes came out black which is the only part I like of this photo lol. I am not wearing makeup. I have freckles and I think that may have given a weird effect.


30 thoughts on “Ghosts

  1. Wow…I was just about to say that is one of the most powerful and deeply affecting poems of yours I’ve read and then it was a proof too…brilliant! I’m on my tablet at the moment but when I next log on my computer it will be added tio the chronicle of proofs with gratitude and pride!! 🙂 🙂

  2. Agreed – this gave me chills – especially the copper coins – remembering the old movies when they placed them on the eyes of the dead – the photo though yes I shall believe your nose is nowhere the size that it looks – is amazing – the dark almost socketed eyes – brilliant writing x

    1. That was exactly the reference I was making. Haha I have pictures of myself on here to disprove the massive nose. I was surprised by the eye effect I have light eyes but the depth of them and the cheekbones worked to create a shadow

  3. A very captivating and intimidating write, I loved the mention of the coins, it is a motive I adore and frequently venture to use.
    I loved what you did with the picture as well, but I must say you are very beautiful and so is your nose! I have freckles also, but my nose has a witch bump too 😛

    1. Awww thank you so much you are so sweet! I love the motif to and I am obsessed with the River Styx. The good old bump haha i have one or a crook? Bend? Hook? which I attribute to my Cherokee bone structure. I would like to see a picture of you!

      1. I avoid taking full pictures since loong time ago, cause I look like the washing machine spewed me out, or I am goofing around and people glare at me or I am the black red figure in the park among flowery moms 😀
        I would love to show you one of those, let me see how I can share it 😀

      2. You can email me if you like =) I hate pictures of myself too my bone structure does the most bizarre things to my face when I take pictures. I often look deformed or like I have cheek implants and of course the lovely Quasimodo eye lol

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