I used to walk

Until dawn surrendered

Adroitly to dusk

My terminal tethered

To the horizon

To a land

Primitive with heat

And lascivious wires


I sought the nostrum

Of a more compelling


My life being

Wholly inconceivable

I welcomed

Asphalt flowers into

My soiled heart

For is it not tenacity

That propagates myth

To chase the sun

Whatever the expense


I used to wear a forgery

Of my asperous smile

Each scar accented

From a pretentious palate

Each virtue smeared


Into the lower lashes

Like the blight

Of an impious contagion


I grew fearfully

With a predisposition

To inversion


This is a deeply personal and traumatic piece I am not certain it makes sense outside of my own head. As a child I would walk until my shoes filled with blood, it was my way of escaping a horrible home life.