windowRevised poem



You loved me once

At least you endured me

With a drowsy smile

And eyes as heavy and soft

As a down comforter


Once I crawled

Inside them and slept


By convex windows

I’d wait out

The long suffering winters

Black frost creeping slyly

Across my field of vision

I should’ve seen it

Expanding the cracks

Should’ve known

That your thieving pupil

Would smuggle in the cold


I wish you’d never

Closed them

Never shut me out

Never surrendered me

To uncertain darkness

Those eyes

Which are now

Perpetually dissatisfied

Hunt inside

My sanctuary


This shivering embrace

Forms a cage

Of arms that once held


These scathing tears

Stain your face

In viscous shadows

They give you that look

Of deranged grief

The kind that permeates

Asylums for the criminally insane

And smudges the faces

Of childless mothers

It’s the look of

Inconsolable suffering


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An anathema,

I slide downhill

Into the dust

From which I was


To be human

Is an exercise

In futility

The same

Ponderous stone


When cast

Into a star-laden sea