graue-fantasie-tapete,1600x1200,39256Art By: Mariano Villalba

I hold you


In the avenues

Underneath my flesh

You are

A familiar remorse

The deafening

Of an insulating winter

A straying sweetness

From a mouth

Too proud

To consummate

Violet and aloof

I weave

Your anamnesis

Into the manes

Of unbridled horses

A vicarious excursion

Over pitiless landscapes

Aside from pride I associate violet with remorse and memories

Prompt 30: Color


Colors are often used to represent emotions. The seven deadly sins are identified with colors.

Pride- Violet (horse)

Envy- Green (dog)

Gluttony- Orange (pig)

Lust- Blue (cow)

Anger- Red (bear)

Greed- Yellow (frog)

Sloth- Light Blue (goat)

We have are own unique associations with colors as well. The assignment is simply to create a piece that emotionally, symbolically, sensually, or physically embodies the color(s) of your choice. If you want to run with the 7 deadly sins theme feel free to incorporate the associated animal as well. You are by no means obligated to do so it was just the most natural and obvious example. Aura or chakra colors would be another good place to research if you need inspiration.