You make sense

Only through emissary


I await your secrets

Held adrift

I wrestle the tides

Of your betraying eyes


Why do your lips

Incline so steeply

When you deceive

Why does your tongue

Taste so sweet

Unlacing my dreams?


I imposed a future

On a soul departed

On the trappings

Of an animal insanity

Am I broken

For loving the wrong men?

Or am I just too naive

To see the jest?


You predate origin

An unspent coin

An idyllic ride

On black water

An angel whose

Unwashed cloak

Obscures all


The road is too long

To travel friendless

When you’re gone

Who am I suppose to be?

Every word defines you

But only vowels

Hold true to me


Should I weep until

A desert?

Fissured and forlorn

Is my heart

Unworthy of declaration

Am I destined

Only, to be scorned


I was listening to beautiful but very sad music