I alter the planes

Of my face to replicate

A more affable


Do I render myself


In the assumptions

Of smiles not yet


Or is happiness

In part conditioning?

I was fed of tragedy

I know not

What fate

I should attune

But to surrender

To my savage blood

Is surely unforgivable


I had more than one poem I wanted to share, I wrote a few today woot. I forgot my trash can at the recycle station today now I am out a trash can and they are weirdly expensive. I didn’t realize I had walked off without it till I was making dinner and went to throw something away and it wasn’t there (5-6 hours after I went to the recycle station mind you). Knowing me I probably just chucked it in with plastics lol. Life is extremely strange for me. This story has nothing to do with the poem just random sharing.


24 thoughts on “Unforgivable

  1. Wonderful and I am so pleased when I learn a new word for the day – so thank you for that (and yes I am not to proud to say that there are some words I have never heard of) πŸ˜‰ The pic is amazing and to hell with it ~ random share away!

  2. Beautiful poetry!
    About the random thoughts, I always tend to daydream, which means a lot of stuff I carry ends up in the trash with the trash. I once even had to go into the trash and retrieve my schoolbooks. I noticed them missing ofcourse at the door of the school itself πŸ˜€

    1. I sympathize I am always losing items, I lost all my identification including my birth certificate when I started college. I had to go back to my hometown for my birth certificate but the records from that time had been burned so they just made me a new one from nothing she said you can have any name you like since you have no records at all (somehow all my records even those from my childhood hospitalization had been burned, did the whole city light up at some point?) anyways my mom was there so I used the same name. A few weeks later I lost my wallet again this time luckily not the birth certificate lol

  3. Loved it. The introspective words are thought provoking. I could feel the emotions… particularly here-
    “Do I render myself
    In the assumptions
    Of smiles not yet

  4. No, not invalid, but human, crippled like the rest of us into thinking all of us is unforgivable. Rawr. It might be, but the phenomenon is a circle that regenerates itself. The short staccato lines accentuate the struggle with paradox.

  5. random share away…smiles…sorry on the trash can…been there an done that…
    i think we have to ask ourselves why we are giving fake smiles
    and why we can not be honest….

    1. Those trashcans are sneaky bastards πŸ˜› I don’t actually smile very often and when I do my whole face crinkles like I have eaten a lemon so everyone knows when I am smiling because my smile makes people laugh anyways but I do sometimes pretend I am okay. I am quite prideful and I like to work through my own stuff or at least process it before asking for help.

  6. “Do I render myself invalid in the assumption of smiles not yet honest?” Remarkable line, exquisite poem. I love your work. I can so relate to these feelings just wish I had your artistry to express them.

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