Pick a date at any point in the near or distant future and try your hand at prophesy. Your entry can focus on personal, national, global, or galactic events. The entry need not be sinister as in the prediction of the apocalypse (though it can be). The entry need not be realistic or even rational. On the other hand you might enjoy creating complex and compelling proofs for your scenario.. Imagine keeping a diary where you don’t mechanically record what did happen but rather what you want or expect to happen? I like the idea of introducing magical or fantastical things into my world. Creating a portal into another world or a window into the future. Focus on a single day (if you want you can submit several entries) and of course you can submit photos, videos, music, or artwork. Oh yeah your entries do not have to be in diary format you can submit poems, stories, discussions whatever. Have fun!


19 thoughts on “Prompt 28 Future Diary

  1. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

  2. This prompt fit words I wrote a few days ago MLM. Not quite sure it is what you are looking for…
    Anna :o]

  3. An intriguing set of bookends: Free Write Friday challenge: what was the pivotal moment in your life and how did it change you?
    And, now in the future, I have the opportunity to change my pivotal moment to a future event, or rearrange my world so that the negative aspects of my moment can be dispelled.
    Here’s to having fairies in my garden again. Of course today, they’d have to wear scarves knitted from spider silk, and a gossamer cloak today. Skim of ice on the birdbath.

      1. First skim of ice on the birdbath. I’ve become so used to Fahrenheit, I’m not so good at Celsius. Of course having no furnace for almost a week gives me a cold perspective!
        I wondered if you were colder or warmer that usual. Weather patterns are changing!
        We yoyo so much between highs and lows (sounds like me!) right now.

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