Polarity (story/dream)


The chains most binding are the chains that ignorance renders unseen. He’d never tasted youth though within his eremitic ribs it flourished. He knew himself to be enslaved, but did not feel superior in the knowing, for he understood likewise the rationale. He was the eldest son, template for those who stumbled heroically beneath him. He shouldered the bulk of the chores and a full class load besides. There was no time for amusement and with so little diversion afforded he could deduce no rebellion. His greatest pleasure was to serve but no matter how scrupulous his attack, each day repeated just as before. If life was unfair then it was a punishment dulled out equally amongst his peers. There was no cause then for resentment, though at times, he wished himself a child or conversely an adult, anything to escape the inequality of his current role.


At times he even felt himself a machine. Precise, ceaseless, nondescript who could discern him from any of the other gears? He longed only to express himself but what in his life was worthy of inspiration? In every respect he was average. Had he been deviant he could have exploited his madness through art or theater. Had he been superior his opportunities were even greater. Only an efficient execution could garner the time needed to enjoy reward. His duties crowded out all possibility. He dreamed just as he lived, there was no reprieve.


This is a story about a dream I had this is only the first part not sure if I will complete it