timthumb.phpArt By: Ines Honfi

You drifted into my heart

Like a secret

Like the rain sobbing softly

On an otherwise vacant day

I would never knowingly

Refute love but then again

How was I to perceive

Your intrusion

When advancement

So oft signifies war?



I held you


Between the furrows

Of disdainfully drawn brows

You held

Against your lips,

The pale veins,

Of a reticent fist

My heart rose

Red and indignant

Yours like the sudden growl

Of advancing thunder


Against the dissuasion

Of retreating hips

You managed still

To swallow, consummately,

My breath

In every moment since

I have adorned you,

In every drop of blood,

In every cell,

In every cloud

Above which dreams

Are childishly kept


22 thoughts on “Secret

  1. “I have adorned you, in every drop of blood”……LOVE this line. Beautiful and it really sweeps you away. Brilliant my friend and love the art work.

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