Being clay

I find myself


To alien whims


Furtively press

Me into

Companionable molds

But I never maintain

Any impression

That denies

My composition

As a whole


27 thoughts on “Clay

  1. I love the notion of being able to take whatever comes your way and you are to me outlining the importance of resilience in our lives.Great piece Yves, nothing can take from us what and who we are…

      1. Yes, still there. Noticed you had mentioned a similar problem with someone else’s page but everything seems to be working this end. Keep up the good work. Mark.

  2. This feels very powerful and affirming to me, especially the ending. It expressed the perfect balance, to me, of malleability and flexibility, as well as a sense of the underlying eternal true form and bigger picture.. Beautiful:-) Blessings, H xxxxx

  3. I appreciate the sly tone and theme. Our first impression and over half the spare but telling piece present the “clay’s” (seeming) yielding to alien pressures. Yet, ultimately the “clay” triumphs, quietly, strongly, in integrity. Cool. Thank you. p.s. Thank you for the follow–looking forward to reciprocating.

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