Being clay

I find myself


To alien whims


Furtively press

Me into

Companionable molds

But I never maintain

Any impression

That denies

My composition

As a whole


Prompt 27 Curse


In consideration of the holidays this week’s prompt is “Curse”. Your entry can be fictional or factual. You can write of psychological torment or you can go with something gory and corporeal or both. You could also take a very humorous, light-hearted approach so please don’t feel you have to go dark. Whatever you like there are a lot of possibilities! Please include warnings for graphic and grotesque stories/poems/images just encase someone might be sensitive. As for me, I am not sensitive, and will read and comment on all submissions. This weekend we are celebrating my daughter’s 6th birthday so it goes without saying that I have other engagements to which I must attend. I will get to all your entries though rest-assured. I can’t believe how many prompts I’ve already done, blows my mind. Thank you guys so much for participating!