I wrestled

With your ambitions

This morning

Coffers of diversion

Unsent letters

Oceans of unshed tears

Spirited away

By imagination


You are the fetish

That incites

Even the most

Hapless stars

To bend

A curiosity




From every room

You’ve driven out

The corners

In broad daylight

I crawl leprous

Over the walls


The engorged cavities

Your capacious muse



Your genius


The most

Compelling webs



Our apartment

A nanoliter

At a time


I live with a genius as you know. Geniuses are curious lot. Our apartment is very small but alas the genius cannot put away his tools lest he be unprepared or discouraged when inspiration strikes. My genius has many hobbies: sewing, painting, writing, computers, wood-working, mechanics and electronics, cooking, mathematics (he invented another form of Geometry), and on and on.  Sadly I am not very good at organizing!

27 thoughts on “Genius

  1. “oceans of unshed tears, spirited away, by imagination” what a powerful emotion. Simply loved your poem. Well done my friend. May your muse keep on inspiring you for newer heights of creativity. Take care and God bless.

  2. ha. it is a mess—the creative process and of course being a genius. i like to think of it as controlled chaos….the third section is particularly vivid in the crawling into crevices, but you bring us back down to a nice landing in the last…

  3. “You’ve driven out

    The corners” …I adore these lines – they unleash my imagination…

    Wonderful poem.:::)

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