Prompt 26 “What can change the nature of a man?”

RavelThis weeks prompt is a philosophical one, one that I hope you will spend some time pondering as I am extremely interested in your answers. Don’t worry there are no right or wrong answers and I won’t be psychoanalyzing your responses and emailing you a 12 page personality profile for the affordable price of 19.95 haha “What can change the nature of a man?” is a question posed repeatedly in my favorite game Planescape Torment by the witch Ravel Puzzlewood. When the Nameless One (the main character) finally meets up with Ravel he is faced with this question and with a list of possible answers: love, money, fame etc, all reasonable answers and though the witch is satisfied so long as you do answer there is no answer that proves correct. Ravel never reveals what she believes to be the correct answer if indeed an answer to this question even exists. Perhaps the answer is that nothing can fundamentally alter the nature of a man. I don’t know but that is what you must ponder! You can chose to focus exclusively on positive or negative change if you like.