What can change the nature of a man?


My nature is not receptive to fame

For it impinges upon a need

Far more persuasive than praise

The need to create in solitude

Under the syncopated directives

Of a diabolically reticent heart


I have no interest in wealth

For within its ornate trappings

I would likely find ingratitude

Death would thrust his bony fingers

Between my ribs and arrest all pursuit

Being idle, the Devil would surely

Shrink my hands into obdurate fists

Better to earn than to expect


I will not deny love

For love is indeed worth sacrifice

But if by another’s insistence

I did change, resentment would

Arise and with it suspicion

Why am I not good enough?

What credentials have you

To determine my life

When we can not

The same destiny possess?


My moods are capricious

And easily spent

I have a cache of masks and scripts

That I might,

A seemingly different man make

In truth each role

Is but another incarnation

Of a self-serving orchestrator (ego)

For on the stage

I only partially exist


The soul

In heaven’s image remains

It is the ego

That through acceptance

One may change

Create not harems

Of delusion or avarice

Create not prisons

Of preference or prejudice,

Regard only what is

That you may express


The divinity within


This is my response to Sunday’s prompt which is: “What can change the nature of a man?”