Love trap

Conciliation Prize

In your eyes I lay fallow

An opportunity reserved

A conciliation prize

When all other flirtations

Have met an ungainly end

I could have been

The subject of a better man

But I chose to be the object

Of a Narcissist’s ploy instead



I am the servant

Of man’s presumptuous rib

Needless but for sex


This is fictional and I absolutely do not agree with the point of view expressed in the haiku. I do think sadly that some girls are unable to see their own worth and choose relationships and men that are destructive. The reverse is true too of course some men don’t see their value and get involved with destructive women


16 thoughts on “2 poems (Conciliation Prize and Needless)

  1. A relationship must be a balanced affair… no domination must be the way. Very well rendered. I liked the first one particularly.
    Hope you are doing well. 🙂

  2. I am pleased you put in the comment at the end, and I agree with you that so many women are unable to own their worth and allow themselves to be used and abused. The ‘Narcissist’ is one of the great destroyers of relationship, I enjoyed this not for the subject matter but for the discussion i am sure you will generate.

    1. It is a very painful difficult subject and I think many of us have fallen into an unhealthy relationship at some point or at least know people that have. I am from the Southern USA and there is still some very misogynistic ideals. When a woman is sexually assaulted they frequently blame her this makes me sooooooooooooooooo angry. There is this whole boys will be boys attitude that just disgusts me.

      1. I totally agree it is often beyond comprehension that attitudes such as this still exist.
        Boys being boys is one thing, they must also be accountable for their actions.

  3. Wow – love them both – the first is so painful you feel it deep as you read it, the second has a kind of off hand brilliance that completely conveys that sense of being unfairly judged as inconsequential and the pain behind it – bravo!! 🙂

  4. I agree with Helen that the second poem has an off hand tone that to me just emphasizes that it isn’t true, it’s so sad to think of anyone believing their only use is for sex 😦 well written

  5. Powerfully written. It is a very sad thing when anyone has so little self-esteem and ends up in a destructive relationship that s/he thinks deserving. Excellent poems.

  6. Both are excellent poems. They both portray very realistic situations which exist, these situations are very very sad but tragically for humanity there seem to have been no solution so far. Inequality is predominant in every culture. Bravo! For being courageous to write about them. Take care my friend, I like your spirit.

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