Prompt 25 PJ Harvey


For those of you who read Thursday’s post Bone Wings this week’s prompt comes as no surprise to you. This week is dedicated to the music of PJ Harvey. For those of you who haven’t heard of this immensely talented woman you are in for a treat =)  PJ Harvey is one of only two artists I’d sell an organ to see live j/k but she is a favorite.  I am including the links for a few of her songs. You can use any Pj Harvey song that you like for inspiration so don’t feel like you have to chose from one of the songs provided. You do not have to include a video or song link in your submission but please let me know some how which song you used. If you use direct quotes from the song please credit her.

Who will love me now (this is the one I used)

Rid of Me

White Chalk (I believe I have shared this one a million times)

Send his love to me

The Whores Hustle and Hustler’s Whore

Mr Linky

18 responses to “Prompt 25 PJ Harvey

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  3. Got to get my laptop to play clips — I have all the speakers on but nothing comes out that is hearable! But then I often focus on lyrics anyways.
    Great prompt — love her lyrics! and the prompt.

  4. A friend has made me aware of many great bands and singers. He has burned a lot of CDs for me. I think I’ll mention PJ Harvey — perhaps he can find her music for me. That is, if the CD part of my laptop still works.

  5. It tends to scratch CDs if I’m not careful. And, my tiny ipod nano has been acting up when I try and sync and add new music. Also, now it only plays three random songs then stops! Oh well, technology and I don’t get along. Perhaps it’s because I used to teach history classes and my mind is several centuries back, lol

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