My thoughts drift

On the ether


But indistinguishable

From impediment


I stumble,

Bare feet scorched

Aloft celestial highways

Too many

Querulous prayers

One for the death

Of every

Beleaguered phantom


The stars

No longer incline

Toward my siren call

Helpless, heedless

My muse undresses

With the lights off

And in the presence

Of my beloved

I am



Writer’s block =(


21 thoughts on “Prayer

  1. even in writers block….smiles…i think in bare feet is the best way to approach prayer, no matter who you pray to, it is part of the humbling and submission to something outside ourselves…and acknowledgement that we can not handle it…

  2. I must agree with other, this does not at all look like you have Writer’s block πŸ™‚ Fantastic poetry, just wanted to say that, upon those last lines, you are hell of a worthy! πŸ™‚

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